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Aikido is a Japanese martial art developed by Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei (1883-1969) from the traditional Japanese martial arts: Kendo, Judo and various styles of Jujitsu. The foundation of Aikido is Daito-ryu Aiki-jujitsu which was the Samurai’s traditional martial art.

Aikido is a non-violent martial art. In Aikido school, students develop their flexibility, through learning co-ordination and graceful movements and also gain physical strength in the process. In Aikido, students do not compete with each other but learn to harmonize with their partner’s attacks. Aikido techniques do not depend on physical strength training alone but include relaxation and strengthening of the mind as well. The non-aggressive quality of Aikido makes it appealing to men, women and children regardless of age because it emphasizes self-development through each individual’s independent efforts. Aikido offers excellent physical exercise and teaches self-control through mental and physical training. As such Aikido can be a lifelong study for both young and old.

Aikido is a very effective self-defense system against violence. Aikido teaches non-violent techniques to hold and pin down the attacker without inflicting injury.

The Aikikai Foundation (Aikido World Headquarters) was officially recognized by the Japanese government in 1940. The founder Morihei Ueshiba (O-Sensei) received the Shiju Hosho Medal from the Japanese government in 1960. Aikido is practiced in more than 130 countries around the world. The current president of the Aikikai Foundation is Moriteru Ueshiba Doshu, the grandson of the founder.


AIKIDO DIARY : Katsumi Idogawa

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AIKIDO DIARY 稽古日記 Katsumi Idogawa Sensei (井戸川克巳先生) Algonquin College 2017-1


O-Sensei: 勝つために稽古をしているのではない、勝っていることを稽古しているのだ。We are not practicing for the Victory, we are practicing the State of Victory.
勝つってどういう事だろう、真の勝利ってなんだろう、そんなことを自問するような人は合氣道をやればいい。If you are a person who questions the true meaning of victory, try Aikido. If the quality of victory matters to you, try Aikido.

AIKIDO DIARY 稽古日記 Ma 2017-2


合氣道ではいかに稽古をするかということは何を稽古するかということよりも大切だと思います。How to practice the technique is more important than the technique itself in Aikido.

AIKIDO DIARY 稽古日記 Tanto 2017-3


この道場では上級者はピラミッドの下に位置して、初心者がピラミッドの頂点です。有段者は土台になって下から支えて欲しいと思っています。Dan holders are the bottom of this dojo and beginners are situated at the top of pyramid. I want practitioners who train longer years to become the foundation of our dojo.

AIKIDO DIARY 稽古日記 Kokyu 2017-4


私は合氣道のおかげで生きのびています。合氣道は私にとって真の武道、護身術です。I am literally surviving with Aikido. Aikido is truly a Martial Art and an Art of Self-Defense for me.

AIKIDO DIARY 稽古日記 Futari 2017-5


AIKIDO DIARY 稽古日記 Kata 2017-6


合氣道の稽古は “どう問題に対処したいか“ということを具現化する方便だと思う。Aikido practice is the embodiment of “How I want to deal with my problems”.

AIKIDO DIARY 稽古日記 Kokoromi 2017-7


それぞれの合氣道。人にはそれぞれの個性があるし抱えている問題もそれぞれです。その人にあった合氣道、その人の個性を活かす合氣道を探究すればいい。Everyone has their own character and their own problems. We search for our own Aikido and wish to take advantage of our problems.

AIKIDO DIARY 稽古日記 UshiroRyote 2017-8


人を変えよう動かそうとすることはストレスだけれど、まず自分自身を調えて共に動けば心地よい。It can be stressful trying to fix others and make them move, but it feels great to fix myself, so we can better work together.

AIKIDO DIARY 稽古日記 Tsume 2017-9


この頃は”取/投”より素晴らしい”受”に目を引かれます。Recently, someone who has a great "Uke" ability gets my attention more than "Nage" who throws "Uke" well.

AIKIDO DIARY 稽古日記 Chushin 2017-10


自分の中心から動くということ、相手の中心に働きかけるということ。The movement comes from my centre, working with and alongside my partner’s centre.

AIKIDO DIARY 稽古日記 Ken 2017-11


合氣道の剣は活人剣。人を活かす剣。The Sword of Aikido is KatsujinKen (KatsuninKen). The sword that revives instead of kill. 剣は研ぎ澄まし研ぎ澄ましして鞘の中。Sharpen your sword to its limit, then it stays in your Saya (Scabbard).

AIKIDO DIARY 稽古日記 Uke 2017-12


 “受け” をとる 時は “乗る” ということを心掛けます。 When I am "Uke", I try to get on the ride that "Tori" takes me on.

AIKIDO DIARY 稽古日記 Tanto2 2017-13


研ぎ澄まされた剣を治めることのできるしっかりとした鞘。それを創ることが一番大切な稽古だと思う。I think the most important part of practice is to create a Saya (Scabbard) that can absolutely hold a sword that is sharpened to its limit.

AIKIDO DIARY 稽古日記 SabiOtoshi 2017-14


技を知っている人よりも誠実に稽古をする人に惹かれます。 I admire someone who trains sincerely more than who knows the techniques.

AIKIDO DIARY 稽古日記 Mirai 2017-15


技を磨く"受"、人を育てる"受"。"Uke" that improves techniques, "Uke" that develops a person.

AIKIDO DIARY 稽古日記 Hiji 2017-16


黒帯が色褪せて削ぎ落とされて随分と白くなってきた時、ああそういう事なのだなと独り合点をしました。欲しかった黒帯でしたが、それがまた白に戻っていく。黒とか白とかではないところで稽古をするのだなと合点をしました。Once my black belt was fading to white, I found myself. I am now where I began. I practice in where it is not black nor white.






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